Saturday, April 23, 2011

19 Weeks 1 day April 23rd,2011

Well little one, I know your still alive as I can feel you kicking inside of me. I have been very worried since I came down with the flu 4 days ago. Today is the time where we found out your sister had passed away. So you can imagine I have been on edge hoping that you are still doing well.
I'm a little nervous since they put me on Tamiflu which isn't deemed "safe" for pregnancy, but I have to trust that they know that whatever risk there might have been from the drug is outweighed by the risk of the actual fever and effects of the flu.
Tomorrow is another big day for you and I. It will be my 37th birthday and the time we delivered your sister at 19 weeks and 2 days. Tomorrow is such a special day, with it also being Easter, the time we celebrate our Risen Savior! What a wonderful day to have as a birthday, with you alive inside me, and to celebrate the life of Christ.
I can't wait to post pictures on the 28th of  you my little one. I pray that we will see a healthy growing baby!


  1. I just found your blog while trying to find stories like my own. I miscarried a little one at 9 weeks back in Oct 2007 and still have yet to fully grieve due to feeling completely alone. My husband just doesn't understand (as we now have 4 children here on earth with us, though we have 3 angels in heaven) and I felt guilty for feeling bad at all when everyone else just moves right along. I'm so sorry for your losses...your babies were just beautiful! Praying so much that your newest little one is doing well in your womb and that you have a wonderful pregnancy, labor and delivery!

  2. I hope your pregnancy is still going well!